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MOONSPELL - DVD em Novembro


O dia 21 de Novembro é a data para o lançamento do aguardado DVD dos Moonspell. Intitulado Lusitanian Metal, inclui 2 DVDs com muitas imagens nunca antes publicadas.


Aqui fica a lista completa das faixas:



LIVE AT THE CITY OF RAVENS (Metalmania, Poland 2004)
TOUCH ME IN THE EYES (video compilation from Opium to I will see you in my dreams, including the never seen making of from Everything invaded)
KNOWELDGE (Graveyard impressions, exclusive and extensive interview with the band members shot in a Lisbon graveyard)
Small Hours – The Early Days (1992-1994)
Live Rehearsal
            1. Serpent Angel
            2. Wolves from the Fog
            3. Ancient Winter Goddess
Moonspell's First Show
            4. Intro
            5. Goat on Fire
            6. Wolves from the Fog
            7. Hymn to Lucifer
Supporting Cradle of Filth
            8. Intro
            9. Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1
            10. Goat on Fire
            11. Vampiria
Strange Are the Ways of the Wolfhearted Tour (1995-1996)
Supporting Napalm Death
            1. Erotic Alchemy
            2. Ataegina
            3. Trebaruna
Perverse Almost Religious (1996-1997)
Krakow 1996
            1. A Poisoned Gift
            2. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
3. An Erotic Alchemy
4. Love Crimes
Dortmund 1996 (previously unseen)
            5. Intro
            6. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
            7. Love Crimes
            8. Vampiria
            9. ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
            10. An Erotic Alchemy
            11. For a Taste of Eternity
            12. Alma Mater
It's a Sin Tour (1997-1999)
Ermal 1999
            1. Let the Children Cum to Me...
            2. Dekadance
3. EuroticA
The Butterfly Effect Tour (2000-2001)
Coliseu 2000
            1. I Am the Eternal Spectator
            2. Can't Bee
            3. Lustmord               
Darkness and Hope Tour (2001-2003)
Release Party for "Darkness and Hope"      
            1. How We Became Fire
            2. Ghostsong
Ermal 2002
            3. Angelizer
            4. Mephisto
            5. Firewalking
Spreading the Eclipse Tour (2003-2005)
With Full Force – 10th Anniversary
            1. In and Above Men
            2. From Lowering Skies
            3. Opium
            4. A Walk on the Darkside
            5. Nocturna
            6. Southern Deathstyle
Istanbul 2004
            7. Alma Mater / Vampiria
Athens 2004
            8. The Antidote         
Hard Club 2004
            12. I Will See You in My Dreams
            13. Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1
Tejo 2005
            14. Awake!
            15. For a Taste of Eternity


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